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Link By Mara

A Flavorful Oasis in the Desert

In the serene embrace of the UAE desert, our seasonal pop-up restaurant introduces a fusion of calm and the exciting flavors of international street food. Opening each winter, it offers a special getaway from the city's busy pace.

The Mission.

Dedicated to providing a peaceful outdoor dining setting, we celebrate the pleasant coolness of the desert weather and invite you on a flavorful journey that delights your senses.

The Memorable Experience.

At Link by Mara, it's more than just the cuisine – it's the ambiance. Our pop-up is a fusion of the inherent allure of the desert and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're in search of a romantic evening, a family gathering, or a tranquil solo escapade, our desert dining oasis is crafted to exceed your expectations.

The Flavorful Cuisine.

Our menu serves as a canvas for a rich tapestry of global flavors, painted with the freshest local ingredients. Each dish is carefully curated to express our passion for diversity and unwavering commitment to quality. From sizzling grills to comforting hot chocolate, every bite encapsulates a celebration of contemporary street food culture, complemented by a hint of desert elegance.

With Sustainability In Mind.

In acknowledgment of our distinctive environment, we are committed to sustainability. Our operations are specifically crafted to minimize our ecological footprint, ensuring the lasting preservation of the desert's beauty for the benefit of generations to follow.

Contact Us for More Info

Whatsapp: 0557055554

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