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Welcome To Darya


Enter DARYA, where we elevate the shopping journey with a carefully curated blend of premium fashion and retail brands, harmoniously paired with exceptional F&B choices.

Immerse yourself in a world where style and culinary excellence converge for a truly extraordinary experience.

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Our Mission

At DARYA, our mission is to forge a dynamic platform fostering connections for all. Envisioning a future where each event is a celebration of diversity, creativity, and community, we redefine shopping. Our space converges fashion, retail, and culinary innovation to inspire and delight, crafting an atmosphere that celebrates individuality and creativity with every interaction.


With Mara...

As the organizer of this project, MARA brings its culinary expertise to create unforgettable experiences. Drawing from our culinary powerhouse in the UAE, with a diverse array of cafes and restaurants in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, we offer top-notch dining. From hip cafes to elegant fine dining, MARA serves as your go-to destination for culinary adventures that blend creativity with excellent hospitality.


Our commitment to quality and customer joy positions us as trendsetters in the vibrant UAE food scene. By partnering with MARA, your project gains access to a network that crafts memorable moments, enriching and spicing up the culinary culture. Let MARA support and enhance your endeavor, ensuring it becomes a standout celebration of diverse tastes and hospitality excellence.

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